We care your health! We provide masks, disinfection alcohol as you move in.

Start a new life in Taiwan, no matter study , work or travel in Taipei.

We are here with you during this special time.

We provide welcome kit to you as you check in. Welcome kit include 2 masks for each person and one bottle of 75% disinfection alcohol + Tea tree Essential oil to let you carry with yourself as go out.

Now, there are no COVID-19 local case for 70 days so far, we are still keep in normal life. The government encouage people to go out and do more socail events, just wear masks😷 and keep social distance. We still can enjoy life as we want, just take more care for each others. 😊

As you travel to Taiwan, you can buy masks at the airport .  And all 75% disinfection alcohol, masks and hand sanitizing products can be bought in the supermarket and stores. All are well provided and full in stock. 

We will overcome this tough time around the world.

As we work from the heart together and we will deserve to have our normal life back, and treasure our earth more from this experience.

Love and peace!!! 

See you in Taipei. ✈️ 💓



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