How To Reserve

Service details

  • Provide monthly,short term and long term apartments to let you find a loving home in Taipei,Taiwan.  
  • ​Provide luxury and boutique serviced apartments to let you have a different stay to experience Taipei local life  for business and leisure trip. The rental is at least ONE MONTH basis.
  • Provide Chinese & English version of lease for contract issue.
  • Provide pick up service to pick you up at the airport to the apartment you reserved and back to the airport.
  • Provide housekeeping service, bed sheets, laundry service, Facilities rental service.
  • Provide corporation staff's accommodation during business trip in Taipei, provide the receipt, 5% tax is added upon the rent 'price.
  • Provide special rate for return tenants, please ask for details. 

Check in /Check out time

From 9 am to 9 pm, depend on tenants' traveling plan. 

Please note :
If your check in/check out time is out of our service time( from 9 pm -9am) , please indicate before you reserve, then we can further do some arrangement for that.

Payment way

使用 PayPal 立即購


 PayPal , Bank transfer

  • Accept payment via Paypal through credit card. 
  • Pay 5% transfer fee charged by PayPal.
  • Accept the rent and service fee are paid by PayPal,but pay the payment 7 days before your check in date.
  • Love our earth and environment, the receipt will be sent by email as required.
  • The receipt can be provided, 5% tax will added upon the payment. Please confirm this before reserve the apartment.

Go ahead to reserve

  • Step 1:  Fill in Rental Application form , indicate which one you like and the date your would like to stay.
  • Step 2:  Confirm payment details and the detail of bills.
  • Step 3:  The way to reserve: 
      Way 1 :  Make confirmation and pay refundable deposit to secure the apartment.
      Way 2 : Pay all payment to enjoy 5 % discount to reserve. (Please note that the payment won't be refunded as you cancel the reservation before check in date. The refundable deposit is according to our cancellation policies.)
  • Step 4:  Receive reservation confirmation letter.
  • Step 5:  Provide actual check in time/check out time. Decide if need pick up service.
  • Step 6:  As you move in, sign the rental contract, pay rental payment and check all facilities. 
  • Step 7:  Enjoy your stay and new home in Taipei.

Check out issue

  • Step 1:  As you reserve, we will require your actual check out time in advance , then schedule it in advance.
  • Step 2:  As check out time, the staff will go there for check out issue.
  • Step 3:  We will take 3~5 mins to inspect the apartment’s condition and facilities, and check electricity meter.
  • Step 4:  If the apartment is in good and tidy condition and without any damage, we will refund full deposit in cash or by PayPal according to which payment way you paid before. If the apartment is not in tidy condition, we will charge NT$600 as clean fee, if facility or furniture has damage, will charge damage fee according to actual condition caused.
  • Step 5:  After the staff calculates electricity fee, you pay electricity fee in cash.  
  • Step 6: If have any other bills issue, we will calculate and ask you to pay at that time.
  • Note: If you check out from 9pm to 9 am(not our service time), then we will refund the deposit into your PayPal account directly after we inspect the apartment during our service time on the date you check out.

Cancellation policy

  • If you cancel or amend the reservation 45 days before check in date, the security deposit will be refunded after deducting TWD$5,000 as cancellation fee. 
  • If you cancel or amend within 44 days before check in date, the security deposit will not be refunded. 
  • Reserve over 30 days, if you cancel or amend the reservation before check in date, the deposit will not be refunded.
  • As you choose to pay all payment to enjoy discount plan before check in , the payment won't be refunded as you cancel the reservation before check in date. 
  • If you cancel after you check in, the payment (the rent and service fee) will not be refunded.
  • If tenants have illegal or impolite behavior ( oral or actions) as check in or during the stay, we have right to cancel the reservation immediately and reject customers to continue staying.
  • If tenants fail to pay the rent and service fee as check in, we will cancel and reject the reservation, and will not refund the deposit.
  • Reserve over one month, if you terminate the contract before the end of the contract, you need to pay one month's rent as penalty​ ( according to government rental law contract) If you pay all payment for whole stay, the penalty won't be charged.
  • ​The tenant can not sublease to another person during the stay without approval. If it happens, then the contract will be terminated immediately and rejected the tenant continue to stay.
  • Due to security reason, only tenants who reserve the apartment can stay in the apartment, and can not allow other persons to stay without approval. If it happens, then the contract will be terminated immediately and rejected tenants to stay there if tenants can not change the status after inform the tenant to change.
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