Facility Rental Service

How To Book

  • Please require to book it and pay the fee at online store. 
  • The max. period time of renal is one month ( 30 days ). 
  • Tenants only can start to reserve it from 10 days  before check in date, e.g. check in date : 1/15 , then you can start to book it from 1/5.- After you book it, then we will prepare the item  as you check in and let you sign the receipt .
  • Until expired rental date, if no one reserve to use it, you can continue to reserve and use it .
  • Due to limited number, rental time of some items will be shorter and  rental fee may be charged .
  • If the item is broken as the tenant returns it back, then damage fee will be charged and deduct it from the deposit.
  • Available items and time will be updated on online store, you can check it online anytime.
  • This service is only for tenants who stay in serviced apartments 
  • We hope that  please treasure  those  items  for fee rental, then we can continue  to provide those service for free. 

​PS:  Service condition will be reviewed  anytime, we have the right to amend  service policies if needed.

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