Housekeeping Service

Love our earth and environment.

Require as you really need , and pay as you need!!!

Don't need to worry and take time to clean the apartment as you are on business trip or want to have a relaxed stay 

Housekeeping Price List:    

  • 1BR:

          -TWD$1,250/per time 

          -TWD$2,300( twice/per month)

          -TWD$3,100( 3 times/per month)

  • 1BR( Big unit): 

         -TWD$1,550/per time

         -TWD$2,900( twice/per month)

         -TWD$3,950( 3 times/per month)

  • ​Housekeeping(include change bed sheets ): Housekeeping fee +bed sheet laundry fee TWD$400/per set of bedding.

  • Change bed sheets(one set):TWD$600/per time.   


Eco Life Style

Care Our Earth

We use natural cleanser to clean the apartment  

 Laundry service is provided from professional laundry store using eco detergent to take care your health and skin.  ​  


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