Food In Taiwan    Discover nature in Taiwan

Cooking Class

Interested to learn how to cook Taiwanese food and know more Taiwan food culture?   Then join Cooking Class as below ...

Organic food

Like to eat more healthier?! Below are some shops,  you can buy natural and organic food for your need. You also can ...


WHERE TO GO TO ENJOY TAIWAN LOCAL FOOD Taiwan is famous for the food, many travelers come to Taiwan to enjoy Tai...


STUDY MANDARIN LANGUAGE   Want to explore more Taiwan culture and know Mandarin language, some universities provide...


FROM AIRPORT TO TAIPEI CITY  As you arrive at the airport , you have some transportation options to go to Taipei...

Easy card

USE EASY CARD TO TAKE MRT OR BUS It's the card you must have as you stay in Taipei city.  You use easy card to take...

Prepaid phone card

HOW TO BUY PREPAID SIM CARD You can buy prepaid sim card at the airport ,  in 7-11 convenience stores and telephone ...

Foreign currency exchange

HOW TO GET TWD  As you arrive at Taoyuan international airport , have 24hrs foreign currency exchange service at the...
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