Easy card


It's the card you must have as you stay in Taipei city.  You use easy card to take MRT or bus , you will have discount rate, and an easy way to take MRT or bus. You can buy easy card at MRT stations.  After buy the card, you can deposit money in the card, every time, you take MRT or bus, you just swap the card , then the fee will automatically deducted from the card. You also can  go to 7-11 or any convenience store to deposit money into the card.

It's also like cash card, you can use easy card to buy stuffs in 7-11 or any convenience store, the payment will be deducted from the card. 

As you leave Taipei, and don't want to use the card anymore, you can go to any MRT service desk to get  the balance of money back. 

You also have other options ,e.g. Taipei pass, one day ticket  to choose according to your travel plan. More ticket style : click here .

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