B3 Instructions

Dear customers,


Thank you for choosing to stay this apartment.

Below are some details you need to know as you live here.

  1. Please take off the shoes as you walk in and wear slippers due to take care of the wood floor indoor.
  2. The guards are on duty for 24 hours.
  3. Wireless:

         Name: Star / Password: Star888***

Public facilities: 

  1.  You can go to use swimming pool, gym …  please follow timetable and opening time.
  2. If you want to use, please register at the front desk first.
  3. The security guard will give you the key and AC remote to let you access the gym on 14th floor. The gym is at the first door on the left side as you go out of the elevator, turn right and turn left. 

  4. Swimming pool is on the  first floor.

 Garbage issue:
  1. Please use normal garbage bag to collect garbage and put it in the garbage place @B1, the cleaner will pick it up.
  2. As you walk out of the door @B1, then turn right, you will see the recycling ♻️ garage space. Turn left, walk straight, you will see a big commercial fridge, you throw normal garbage and kitchen waste over there.
  3. For recycling garbage ♻️, please separate it and put in the normal bag, e.g. paper, can, bottle, plastics bag.
Service :
  • Housekeeping service

    Extra housekeeping is provided as you need, just request, then we will arrange it. Please see price details on our website.                                                   

  • Pick up service (airport ←→ the apartment): 7 passenger car :NT$1,500.

Food / Grocery Delivery:    

If you use Uber Eats or Foodpanda to order the food or groceries, the delivery staff will put your order stuffs at front desk, you need to go downstairs to pick those up by yourself.

Supermarkets, please see below: 

  1. PX MART全聯福利中心:B1 No 22  Sec. 2 Keelung Rd., Xinyi Dist.
  2. Carrefour supermarket : B1 No 296 Sec. 4 Xinyi Rd., (near Tonghua Street/Xinyi Rd intersection)
  3. Taipei 101 Supermarket  :  @ Taipei 101
  4. Tonghua Night Market: near Guangfu S rd/ Keelung Rd intersection.

Apartment maintain issue & note:  

  • Please clean the surface of electricity stove, after you use it every time, especially the soup or sauce drop on the surface in order to keep electricity stove in good condition.
  • Please don’t open the cover of toilet water box due to it’s special design, so need professional worker to open it. If you open it by yourself and break the material inside, the fee will be TWD$5,000 for replace new one.
  • As you open the window, please also use the screen to avoid mosquito or bugs flying in especially at night.
  • We invite you to join us to love our environment, please use what we provide eco style stuffs, e.g.:   detergent and dish cleanser.  About detergent, it’s concentrate and low foam for that combo, please use   properly, if you run out of it, please buy the same brand in order to let the washer work well.
  • If any facilities has problem in the apartment, please contact us directly


Other  Notes:

  1. As you check out, please clean the apartment and throw the garbage. If you don’t have time to clean it, please pay cleaning fee TWD$600.
  2. Please don’t take towels, kitchen ware and tableware what we provide as you check out.  If  it happens, we will still deduct it from the deposit as well and keep our rights for law.
  3. Please keep voice down to avoid making noise to bother neighbors during your stay.
  4. No Pet & No Smoking in the apartment and in the building.
  5. As stay as a resident, please follow the policies from building management team.    


Enjoy your stay in Taipei city !!! 😊🩷







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