Organic German Chamomile Essential oil

Product image 1Organic German Chamomile Essential oil
Product image 2Organic German Chamomile Essential oil
Product image 3Organic German Chamomile Essential oil
Product image 4Organic German Chamomile Essential oil

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Botanical Name : Matricaria recutita


Plant Part : Flowers

Processing Method :  Steam Distillation

Aromatic Note : Middle note

Aromatic medium middle note, Chamomile Essential Oil has a soft, woody fragrance similar to that of Moroccan Chamomile, with a haunting bittersweet note. It does not have the fragrance of apples that other chamomiles sometimes have.

Color A thin blue to bluish-green liquid.

Blend With:Bergamot, Clary Sage, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Tea Tree, Patchouli 

Product Abstract :

German chamomile stem is an annual herb that can grow up to 90-125 cm in height and is widely grown in Europe and Western Asia. Its leaves are as fine as feathers, and white flowers like daisies, while the flowers of German chamomile are smaller than those of Roman chamomile. German chamomile has a strong smell, so it has the nickname of "smelly little chamomile".

In folklore treatments in southeastern Europe, German chamomile is often used as one of the plants for research and use. "Matricaria" means mother or woman, and its Latin word root "matrix" means womb. Since ancient times, German chamomile has been regarded as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, soothing, and digestive herb. It has also been used as a gynecological herb. The liquid extracted from the German chamomile essential oil is blue-green. This unique color comes from chamazulene, which is transformed from chamomile during the distillation process. And chamazulene has anti-inflammatory effects.

How to Use :

1. Bath time:use 8~10 drops essential oil mixed with 5ml carrier oil, then put into  water in the bath tub. 

2. Diffusion:Put some drops of essential oil in the diffuser or essential oil burner according to the size of the space. 

3. Massage:

  • Normal massage:use 5~6 drops essential oil mixed with 10ml carrier oil to do the body massage.  
  • Facial massage:use 1~2 drops essential oil mixed with 5ml carrier oil to do massage 


  1. Not allow to eat , or use it on eye area.
  2. Need to mix with carrier oil, then put on the skin.
  3. Put it in the space where the children won’t reach.
  4. If you are pregnant or have special disease, please consult with the doctor or the aromatherapist before use it.
  5. After open it, please keep it in the dark and cool place.
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